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Waitomo Caves

New Zealand's most famous cave network 

If you think New Zealand is great above ground, just wait until you've seen what's underground.

Carved from underground limestone over 30 million years ago, Waitomo's cave network amazes and delights visitors with its fascinating formations of stalactites & stalagmites, and ceilings covered with thousands of glowworms.

Explore the Caves your Way

The most popular way to explore the caves at Waitomo is through an easy guided walking tour that's suitable for all ages. Some of these tours are also wheelchair accessible.

Those feeling a bit more adventurous may prefer to take an enjoyable Black Water Rafting trip through the caves, wading and floating down a river in a cave on an inflatable inner tube.

For the thrillseeker, various caving adventures are on offer, ranging from a couple of hours long to all day. They will have you climbing up, over, and around cave formations, squeezing through small gaps and holes, jumping off waterfalls, and more.